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Flambeau River Trips

Nine Mile to Oxbo Landing (12 miles)
Climb in your canoe right at 9 Mile Tavern and set off on this wild and beautiful stretch of the North Fork of the Flambeau River. The river flows entirely through the Flambeau State Forest. This stretch usually takes about 3.5-4 hours. At Barnaby Rapids there are several low rapids and riffles that are easily negotiated which makes this trip ideal for beginners and a good warm-up for more accomplished canoeists.

Nine Mile to Forest Headquarters (22 miles)
After leaving Oxbo, the current is swift for a short distance. The river wanders several miles through wild country before arriving at Babb’s Island. Just below Babb’s Island you will approach the bridge on County Trunk Highway W. The Flambeau State Headquarters (north bank of the river) and Big Bear Lodge are located at this crossing. Adjacent from the Forest Headquarters is a public landing, which is a take out place. It is a 22 mile trip from 9 Mile. There is a good overnight camping area on the right bank a short distance down river from the bridge. Each camping area has 2 to 3 campsites with a table, fire ring and nearby toilets. All sites are marked and easily seen from the river. There is no charge for use of these campsites.

Flambeau River Map

Flambeau State Forest Headquarters to Camp 41 (8 miles)
Camp 41 to Flambeau Lodge (16 miles)

You will find the upper stretch of this next section medium fast and peaceful. You will then encounter Porcupine Rapids - a mile below the triangular rock. There are 3 pitches in 1-˝ miles with scattered low rapids in between. Much of this undeveloped and remote stretch remains unchanged by man and provides the challenge of rapids and whitewater.

Camp 41 landing is on the right bank a short way below the last pitch of Porcupine Rapids, this is a take out point. Camp 41 Campground is just a short distance from Camp 41 Landing and is located on the left bank of the river. From here there will be a small reapids as the river gently turns to the left.. "9 Mile Tavern to Camp 41 Landing is a popular trip for those not ready for the big rapids ahead." About 1 mile below camp 41 there will be small rapids as the river gently turns to the left. From here you should hear the roar of mid and lower Wannigan Rapids. Tie down your gear before attempting it. Follow the main chute near the center and avoid the submerged rocks below the high waves. Wannigan is the first of the big rapids on the middle Flambeau.

Flambeau Falls, ˝ mile downstream is very fast, big and in a straight bend in the river. The drop is 7’ in 200 yards. The Falls will be recognized by Dodes Island between the 2 pitches. One half mile downstream you will see the confluence of the North and South Forks of the Flambeau River.

The South Fork enters this junction from the south to join with the North Fork and form the Flambeau River Proper. A short distance downstream from the confluence is Hervis Landing, a large campground with public access on the left bank, one mile above Cedar Rapids.

The roar of tumbling water announcing the first pitch of Cedar Rapids will then greet you. The river is wide and deep at this point. In addition to the roar of foaming water, the island in the middle of the river marks the onset of the rapids. The main pitch is best taken by entering a narrow chute between two rocks about midway between the island and the left bank. There is a good portage on the left bank for those who are not sure of their ability to run this pitch. There are 3 more pitches to Cedar Rapids in about 3 miles of water.

The final important rapid is Beaver Dam - named for its resemblance to a dam constructed by a beaver. The dam extends across the river in nearly a straight line. The falls are abrupt with nearly a 4-foot drop. A narrow rock free slot about midway across the river provides the only feasible route for a canoe. Guide the canoe down the center chute, straight into the high waves below. Most canoes will take water. There is a good portage for these rapids on the left bank.

Once Beaver Dam is cleared there will be about 3 miles of fast water, then the Big Falls Flowage.

The last take out point is Flambeau Lodge. Take out here and know that you have enjoyed canoeing a most scenic and spectacular river - The Flambeau!

Be seein’ you, HERBIE and CARM EHELER

Flambeau River

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